Medical Reserve Corps


Frequently Asked 


1. Am I eligible to volunteer?

We are currently recruiting medical professionals with active Arizona licenses. Non-licensed and retired volunteers fill valuable support roles.

(Non-medical volunteers please contact the Pima County volunteer coordinator

2. How do I become involved?

Volunteers are required to register at our official registration site: AZ ESAR-VHP. Please provide your professional license number and expiration date. 


3. How often am I required to volunteer? 

We appreciate that you all have busy lives. You can volunteer for days and times that fit your schedule. Contact us at or 520-445-7035 to discuss scheduling. Self scheduling will be available soon.

4. Is training provided?

Web based training is always accessible - click POD on the toolbar. 

Monthly virtual training is scheduled on the third Saturday of the month from 9-11 a.m. Check the Home Page or our calendar. 

5. How do you communicate with volunteers?

Our primary communication tool is AZ ESAR-VHP. We use email, text messaging and phone calls. Please indicate your preferred method of communication when registering.