Deployment Ready Training and Tier Levels

MRCSA trains volunteers to meet standardized CORE COMPETENCIES and MISSION SPECIFIC emergency responses to support our local and regional community needs. These training efforts:

  • Support the integration of MRCSA into the public health emergency readiness, response and recovery activities.

  • Advance a unified and systematic approach to improve the health, safety and resilience of our communities, the state and the nation.

  • Reduce disaster risks by maximizing a community-wide approach to resource availability.

  • Create a national standard for volunteer deployment readiness in accordance with priorities outlined by the Assistant Secretary For Preparedness and Response (ASPR)

  • The entire Deployment Readiness Guide can be accessed here:


The national MRC VOLUNTEER TIER LEVEL structure provides a system for standardizing VOLUNTEER DEPLOYMENT READINESS based on levels of:

  • Emergency Response Experience

  • Training

  • Exercise Participation

  • Unit Activities

  • Activation and Deployment

Level 4: Volunteers who are newly registered and/or have not completed MRCSA orientation. MRCSA Orientation or Just-in-Time-Training

Level 3: Volunteers have limited training or participation in MRCSA activities. Deployable locally. Required Training:

  • Personal and Family Preparedness - MRC/TRAIN Course ID #1081145

  • Responder Health and Safety - MRC/TRAIN Course ID #1046400

  • Surge Capacity - MRC/TRAIN Course ID #1081356

  • Situational Awareness - MRC/TRAIN Course ID#1081343

  • Public Health Principles - MRC/TRAIN Course ID#1081358

  • FEMA IS-100.C An Introduction to the Incident Command System - MRC/TRAIN Course ID#1078825

  • Legal Principles: MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1081361

  • Short and Long Term Considerations for Recovery: MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1081365

Level 2: Volunteers meet all Level 3 training requirements, in addition Level 2 requires:

  • Ethical Principles - MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1081360

  • FEMA IS-700 An Introduction to the National Incident Management System - MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1078831

  • FEMA IS-242.B Effective Communication - MRC/TRAIN ID 1052535

  • Mass Dispensing Overview-An SNS Perspective - MRC/Train Course ID#1054681

  • Disaster Behavioral Health - MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1021342

  • Caring for Older Adults in Disasters: A Curriculum for Health Professionals - MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1059666

  • Public Health Emergency Law Course (3 Parts): MRC/TRAIN Course ID 1084118, 1084126 and 1084130

Level 1: Meets all Level 2 standards. Demonstrated experience in non-emergency activations or emergency deployments, capable of serving in supervisory roles. Deployable locally, intrastate and through EMAC. Training required:

  • Disaster Responder Health and Safety - MRC/TRAIN Course ID#1037220

  • FEMA IS-200.C Basic Incident Command for Initial Response - MRC/TRAIN Course ID#1084404

  • FEMA IS-800.C National Response Framework - MRC/TRAIN Course ID#1077604

Training Recommended: Volunteer Leadership and Community Resilience.