Southern Arizona Interagency

Peer Support Team

Our mission is to normalize stressors after a critical incident and to provide support to those who have experienced trauma and loss.

Our team is comprised of more than three dozen agencies across Southern Arizona including hospitals, law enforcement, fire and schools.

Contact us at 520-276-0970

Critical Incident Stress Management Training

Managing School Crises

February 18-19, 2021 

Location: Virtual Training to be offered with ZOOM

Designed to prepare school administrators and all educators for the inevitable crises that occur within schools and/or that effect those in schools, this training reflects the 3 most common phases of a crisis: pre-crisis planning, acute crisis response and post-crisis activities. Special attention is given to the most common pitfalls (those that pose the most threat to school personnel from a liability standpoint) associated with crisis response activities. Participants of this training are introduced to the CISM framework and specific intervention techniques that can easily be applied within the school setting. These intervention techniques are research-informed and widely recognized for their effectiveness. Participants will be given opportunities to explore the elements of effective crisis management through multiple group activities.