Emergency Civilian Casualty Care - Community Resiliency


E3C teaches the newest advances in lifesaving trauma care, including the proper use of tourniquets, traumatic and life-saving wound treatment, triage, violent encounters, situational awareness and community resilience. 

Emergency Civilian Casualty Care was established in February, 2014 by Dr. Sheldon Marks and Battalion Chief Kris Blume for civilian training, based on the military's Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).


Check the calendar for E3C training dates, times and locations. 


For more information or to register for E3C training, contact MRCSA at 520.445.7035 or mrcsa@outlook.com 


MRCSA has trained more than 2,500 community members, including:

Tucson Unified School District staff

Tucson Electric Power Company staff

Pima County Medical Society members

University of Arizona College of Nursing students

University of Arizona College of Public Health staff - Tucson and Phoenix 

University of Arizona College of Public Health students

Tucson Ward Six community members

Pima County Sheriff's Auxiliary members

MRCSA volunteers

HOSA-Future Health Professionals members

Arizona State MRC unit coordinators

Pima County JTED Summer Academy students



Call 520.445.7035​